How to Drive Sales With Pinterest

How to Drive Sales With Pinterest |

We all love Pinterest (some might say I have a bit of an addiction), but are you using it effectively to drive traffic to your business? Here are some tips you might not have considered.

1. Use vertical images.
If you've been on Pinterest for any amount of time, you'll notice that the vertical images get much more screen space. People scroll right past the horizontal images because they take up such a small amount of screen space due to Pinterest's structure. Take advantage of this and make life easier by taking vertical product photos so that they're ready for pinnin'.

How to Drive Sales with Pinterest

2. Include people, but not faces.
Kind of a weird one, but for whatever reason, people are more likely to pin images that don't contain a face. Maybe because it makes it easier for them to envision the product on themselves? Whatever the reason, this is a good tip to use in your photos.

3. Take pretty pictures.
This might seem obvious, but dark, yellow, and/or blurry photos are not going to get re-pinned. It's just the truth. You want clear, light, and bright.

4. Sell the lifestyle.
Use Pinterest to categorize lots of different elements of your brand, and pin your products here and there throughout your boards so that you're not just selling all the time with your pins.

5. Add some text / graphic elements.
Use Canva to create images that are perfect for Pinterest, and are sure to get tons of repins. Even if you're not a designer, you can create really modern and stylish looking text overlays for your pins.