The 5 Types of Product Photos That Each Listing Needs

The 5 Types of Product Photos That Each Listing Needs - For Online Shop Owners |

If you've been listing your online shop products with only one photo, tsk tsk! Shame on you! Just kidding, but you really need to take advantage of all of the product photos that you're allowed. Your customers can't physically touch your products so you need to have photos that will show them exactly what they're getting and make them feel confident in clicking "add to cart".

These are my guidelines for the types of photos that you should ideally include in your listings.

1. The product on a plain white or light gray background.

This is your plain and simple image that shows what your product looks like. Every listing should include a photo like this. Remember to make the photo very light, bright, and clean so that your product pops off the page.

Be sure to check out my iPhone product photography video for some more tips on how to get this shot.




2. The product being worn / "in use".
These are more editorial-style shots that sell the lifestyle of your products and show people how they can use the product in their lives. These are the types of photos that are great for Pinterest, and that help your branding shine through in your images.

3. The packaging that the product comes in.
This is a detail that gets customers excited to make a purchase, which is a very good thing! That is, of course, if you've planned out your packaging well (you should!).

If you need some help planning out your packaging, check out my free printable workbook, The Total Package, over in my Free Resource Library.

4. A photo that shows the scale of the item.
You probably have the item's size listed in the product description, but guess what? A lot of people don't even read it - they just look at the pictures. Better to have the item's size be really clear at a glance, than deal with a disappointed customer later.


5. A graphic or photo that shows the different options available (if needed).
If your product comes in multiple options, show potential customers those options. Don't just say "this can be made in whatever color you want." Show them the color options that you have. People don't want to have to use their imagination - they want to clearly and easily see their choices.

A couple more tips:

  • Take vertical photos, so they're perfect for Pinning!
  • If you sell on Etsy, or if you have a handmade business, a shot that shows you actually making the product is great as well.