How to Teach Yourself a Skill That You Can Sell

How to build a business with a self-taught skill

You may be surprised to know that I didn't go to school for graphic design. 

I was a creative person at a pretty non-creative college, so I majored in Marketing, which I thought would give me the most options after graduation. There was a graphic design program at my school, but I didn't know much about it, and I had a misunderstanding about what graphic design even was (I pictured having to design corporate logos and signage all thanks).

So I stuck with Marketing, and my senior year of college I took a class about working as a freelance graphic designer, simply because I had a spot to fill in my schedule and it seemed like fun. For some reason, it didn't have any prerequisites but I was the only non-design major in the class. I soon realized that I had made a mistake in not pursuing graphic design, but at that point it was too late - I was about to graduate!

I ended up graduating a semester early, so I took the money that was left in my college account and I purchased the Adobe design suite before my student discount expired. From there, I spent a lot of hours just playing around in Adobe Illustrator. I would design invitations for pretend events, prints for my house, whatever I thought of. I knew that I had a good eye for design but my knowledge was so limited, and I didn't want to go back to school.

The tools that I utilized the most were Youtube, good old Google, and hours upon hours of practice. It worked, but it was by far the slowest way to get there. 

skillshare classes

If you are trying to learn a skill like design, photography, calligraphy, or any other craft, please save your time and utilize an awesome site that I have recently found called Skillshare. It is an absolutely amazing website, and when I found it I immediately wished that I could somehow time travel and make it available to my just-graduated self.

Skillshare has classes on so many different topics, and there is something beneficial to every small business owner or creative entrepreneur on there. There are sections on design, photography, business, film, technology, goes on and on. I highly recommend checking it out and doing the free 2-month subscription. I did the subscription and then ended up getting a membership because I was learning so many helpful things so efficiently. 

Have you tried Skillshare? What are your favorite ways to teach yourself something online?