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10 creative workspaces for studio inspiration

I am so thankful to have my own workspace in our home. I am a homebody, and I love that I don't have to work in an office every day. If I feel like working from my couch while cuddling with Chester (my dog), I can. If I feel like working in my office, I can. I love that flexibility, and I love being home. I think that some day when we have kids, I will appreciate it even more.

With that being said, a goal of mine for the coming year(s) is to have my own studio space. There are times (you work-from-home-ers know) that I just need to get out of the house. There are also times when I find myself struggling to focus and get down to business because I don't have to be anywhere. Now that I'm doing more design work, it would be really nice to have a designated place to meet with clients, rather than meeting at a coffee shop. I would love to have a small, inexpensive studio where I could go when I needed to, but I could still have the flexibility of working from home when I wanted to.

There are lots of cool old lofts and workspaces in my little town - I'm talking exposed brick walls, industrial style, historic. I love that look. So, that's a dream of mine. And when I start dreaming about things, I turn to Pinterest (anyone else?). It really motivates me to have a visual representation of a goal. Also...pretty pictures! :) So here are some of my favorite studio spaces that I've found on Pinterest for those of you who are dreaming the same dream as me right now.

Which is your favorite? What is your current workspace situation? I'd love to hear in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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