Packaging Insert Ideas For Online Shop Owners

Packaging Insert Ideas For Online Shop Owners

Isn't it fun getting a package in the mail? It's like a present to yourself that you were either anxiously waiting for, or had forgotten about. Either way, it's such a nice little treat. What's even better than getting a package in the mail is opening that package and finding more than just the item you ordered. Special little surprises like a handwritten note or pretty gift wrapping take the order from just being what's expected to being completely delightful.

I attribute a lot of my initial success on Etsy to my use of packaging inserts. In the beginning, I took the time to actually hand write each customer's name on their insert. As my shop grew, I came up with solutions that were a little more efficient, but I made sure to keep the personal aspect that had become so important to me and my customers.

If you are not including packaging inserts in your orders, I highly recommend it, especially if you're a new seller.

Why are packaging inserts so important?

1. They're cheap! Of all of the marketing efforts available, the cost of printing little cards to put in your orders is minimal. They can even be business card-sized or you can print them yourself in the beginning to keep the cost really low.

2. They make the customer feel special. As I mentioned above, we all know the value of that extra-special-something in an online order.

3. They increase customer loyalty. You can utilize the space on your packaging inserts to motivate people to come back (more info below) and to share their story.

4. Target marketing! Since you can already see what the person bought, you can tailor your packaging inserts for that specific type of customer, if need be.

Some packaging insert ideas:

1. Coupon Codes
This is a great way to turn a customer into a repeat customer, which is huge for your business. Some ideas: free shipping on your next order, 15% off for you and a friend (2 coupon codes), $10 towards your next order.

2. Personal Note
As I mentioned above, I really attribute a lot of my early success to my use of a handwritten note. If you have the time, it definitely makes customers feel special and it adds that personal touch that so many businesses do not have. It doesn't cost you anything extra except your time!

3. Social Media Share Request
Encourage customers to share a photo of their product on Instagram with a certain hashtag, and let them know that you post your favorites! It's a win-win because Instagram users who are trying to grow their accounts get their name out to a bigger audience, and you get your product out to a bigger audience. Not only that, but when people see an item being posted on social media, it builds social proof, which is super important in the online shopping world.

4. A Little Somethin' Extra
Depending on what you sell, there may be an opportunity to include a low-cost item in the package along with their order. This introduces them to something else from your shop that they may not have seen otherwise.

5. Personalize It!
Take the opportunity to include a personal aspect of your shop. Maybe a photo of you, a photo of your studio, info about your geographic location (especially if you live in an interesting place or a place that adds to your brand story), or your signature.


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