Laguna Beach Babymoon

laguna beach babymoon

Wes and I just got back from our babymoon to Laguna Beach. My hands are already dry and cracked again and I've got my winter coat back out, but I'm filled with the warm sunny memories of our trip! The last time we went to southern california, we only really spent a day in Laguna but we fell in love and decided we definitely had to visit again ASAP. What I love about Laguna Beach is it's low key, artsy vibe and how stinkin' cute it is! It's the beach town that I always dreamt of living in when I was younger, in a charming little cottage driving a jeep wrangler. Wes loves it too because, even though he's always been more of a mountain person, much of southern california has both beach and mountains so it's the perfect fit for both of us!

Our favorite thing to do on vacation is just stay some place where we both could see ourselves living in a dream life, but is way out of our price range (haha) and then just pretend like we live there and get the locals' experience. We had the most dreamy mornings waking up early (still on eastern time), walking down to get some coffee and breakfast, and eating by the beach. 

Speaking of the beach, I love this floral kimono style coverup from Pink Blush Maternity! Props to the preggos who can stroll around in a bikini at 6 months pregnant but that just ain't me - (especially after all of the in-n-out burgers!) so I was happy to have a coverup to keep me comfortable and cute. 

We had such an amazing time in Laguna Beach and it's a trip that I know we will always treasure and reminisce on being our last trip as just the 2 of us! We already can't wait to go back. :)