15 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Etsy Sales

A lot of you have emailed me asking what to do if you are getting very few, or zero, sales in your Etsy shop. It is always a little slow in the beginning, but you may be making some common mistakes that are easy to fix. Check out my top fifteen common Etsy mistakes below.

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  1. You don't have enough items.
    You don't need to have 10+ pages, but potential customers take shops more seriously if they contain a good page or 2 of items.
  2. You don't have enough reviews.
    Online customers can't see your products in real life, so they rely on reviews to help them decide whether or not to make a purchase. Unfortunately, a lot of people simply forget to leave a review when they have a positive experience so be sure to reach out to every customer that you get in the beginning, via Etsy message / email / a physical card in your shipment, and remind them to leave a review.
  3. You have a lot of negative reviews.
    Take a look at why you're getting these bad reviews. If it is because people are disappointed in the quality of their purchase or your shipping times, then you need to take a look at what you can do to improve (remember to UNDER promise + OVER deliver). If you feel that a bad review was unwarranted, leave a public response explaining the miscommunication.
  4. There isn't a market for your items.
    Sometimes, even though it may hurt, it's good to take an honest look in the metaphorical mirror and determine whether or not there is even a market for your products. If not, maybe it's time to try something else, or maybe there is a way to tweak your items and make them more marketable.
  5. Your product photos are bad.
    With online shopping, product photos are all that your customer has to determine what the item looks like. If your photos are dark / blurry / unrepresentative of what the product actually looks like / just plain ugly, take the time to make them better or hire a professional photographer. Check out my video here with tips on taking pretty, professional-looking photos with just an iPhone!
  6. You aren't promoting your shop on social media.
    Try and implement at least one social media page into your brand, so that you can grow a following and inform people about new products and sales. Relying solely on Etsy traffic isn't enough.
  7. Your brand isn't cohesive.
    If you're selling a whole bunch of different types of products, with no common denominator between them, or if all of your product photos have a different look from each other, your brand won't make sense to a potential customer.
  8. Your products are overpriced.
    Pretty self explanatory, but people won't buy something that they think is too expensive. 
  9. Your products are underpriced.
    This might seem counter intuitive, but if everyone else in the market is selling something for $10 and you are selling it for $1, people are probably going to assume there is something wrong with it. Price your items fairly, according to what it costs you to create them and what you see happening in the rest of the market.
  10. You take too long to ship.
    Shipping times are huge to online customers. People don't want to wait two weeks for something to arrive. Try to have some inventory ready to go so that you can quickly ship your orders out. At the very least, be honest about your processing time (again, UNDER promise + OVER deliver).
  11. You don't offer international shipping.
    Even if you calculate the costs and feel like international shipping costs are more than anyone would be willing to pay, at least offer it as an option. You would be surprised. A lot of times, international shoppers are used to buying from overseas and are willing to pay the shipping costs. Not offering it at all is a sure way to not get those customers.
  12. You don't let people get to know you.
    Take advantage of the often ignored "About" section customization. Include photos of you creating your items in your workspace or studio. Customers want to know who is creating the products, and take a look behind-the-scenes. This is especially true because Etsy is a handmade marketplace. I would also recommend blogging or at least Instagramming, if you have the time.
  13. Your announcements and info are outdated.
    Be sure to keep your announcements in your info bar up-to-date, otherwise it will look like you aren't actively maintaining your shop and people may assume that the shop is being neglected.
  14. Your descriptions are misleading.
    Don't lie just to try and attract customers based on what is trendy. Actually, just don't lie. Period. 
  15. You leave people hanging / have poor customer service.
    Try and answer your Etsy messages in a timely manner. People often will message shop owners with questions about their products, and if you neglect to respond, they may just find something similar from another shop and then you've lost a sale.

I hope this list was helpful for you Etsy sellers. What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

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