Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

I have been looking forward to designing our baby's nursery for YEARS, so it was one of the first things that I dug my heels into after finding out that we were expecting. Wes and I have had so much fun planning it out together and we are just about done with it, aside from a few finishing touches. So I thought today I would share some of my inspiration for the nursery, the thought process behind it, and the images that I kept coming back to again and again.

The Plan / My Style

Spend any amount of time on Pinterest looking for ideas, and you'll quickly find out that there are countless options and directions that you can go when designing a nursery. There are no "rules" with designing a modern day nursery so the number of options can be a little overwhelming. But I tried to find 3 words / phrases that would narrow down our style:

1. Playful
There's nothing wrong with all of the very formal, elegant nurseries out there, and I totally understand wanting to blend the nursery into the style of the rest of your home. But to me, a nursery / kid's room should be fun, playful, and child-like. 

2. Ages well
One of the reasons why I wouldn't want to do the nursery in a very formal or elegant look is that in a few short years, I would have to redo the whole thing. A 4 year old with a stark white room is a little unrealistic in my opinion, and I don't want to spend extra money redecorating in that quick of an amount of time. For the same reason, I also wouldn't want to do the nursery in a super "baby-ish" theme. So I tried to find inspiration and pieces that would be appropriate as our baby becomes a little boy.

3. Cozy
To me, a nursery or any bedroom should be soothing and not overstimulating. Kids' toys, books, and accessories always tend to be very colorful, so to balance that out, I wanted to use a lot of white and neutrals on the bigger pieces to keep it from being too in-your-face.

As far as a theme, we decided on a loosely-based theme of "vintage outdoors / travel", so think national parks, maps, and pine trees. Wes has always loved camping and everything outdoorsy and I love the look of old posters and mountain landscape paintings.

The Inspiration

Here are 5 images that I kept coming back to and referencing as I planned out the room:


Source: Lay Baby Lay

As you'll see as you look through these photos, Joni Lay of the blog Lay Baby Lay is one of my biggest sources of kids' room inspiration. I love the mix of the crisp white walls, pops of color, and antique decor in the room above.


Source: Aimee Herring

This simple shelf photo is one that I kept coming back to, especially for the color scheme. I love all of the little vintage elements, and I can see this display working on a boy's room of lot of different ages.


Source: Land Of Nod

This is another nursery designed by Joni Lay. I absolutely love the navy cross rug and all of the antique accents and art on the walls.


Source: A Beautiful Mess

This has been one of my favorite kids' rooms for years. I love the white walls with all of the fun pops of color. It just screams "a kid lives here" and it looks like such a fun space to play in. The vintage green couch in the corner is the perfect touch.


Source: Lay Baby Lay

And lastly, another space by Joni Lay (surprise surprise!). This isn't really a nursery or kids' bedroom, but the whimsical look of it was one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Again, I love the white walls, pops of color, and the practical charcoal gray chair in the corner.

With all of that in mind, I started looking for furniture and ideas, and I created this little mood board with a color palette in canva so that I could see how it looked all together:

baby boy nursery mood board.jpg

I'm so excited to do a full nursery tour once we're done to show you the finished result! It's been so much fun to work on! Stay tuned.

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