The Victorian House


Well, we are officially moved into our new (old) house!

Moving is SUCH a headache (we've moved 8 times in 6 years!) and I always forget how much I hate it until I'm already in the process of it. We basically ate an all-fast-food diet for a week, as we packed and unpacked and attempted to keep up with work schedules and the general craziness of it all.

But now, we're all moved in and things are getting back to normal, so I thought I would share some "before" photos of the new house before I go and make a bunch of changes. See that wallpaper (below)? Yeah, it's already gone. I couldn't look at it anymore! haha It lasted one week.

The house is over one hundred years old and has a lot of original wood trim, as I'm sure you can tell. I have always preferred the look of white trim, but I'm trying to make it work!

If you enjoy decorating and/or old houses, stay tuned for lots of decorating posts and inspiration roundups because DIY projects and decorating are some of my favorite hobbies. Have a great week!