My Hindsight Hospital Must-Haves (And Didn't-Needs)


Today's post was requested by many of you, and I thought it would be helpful for those of you who are set to give birth soon. As a first-time mom, I didn't know what all I would need at the hospital and quickly felt very overwhelmed by all of the hospital checklists online. I did a video on my youtube channel sharing what I put in my hospital bag, but I thought that today I would talk about the items that I was glad I brought, plus some items that I wish I would have brought, and finally some things that I brought but didn't need or use at all.

FYI I gave birth in a hospital and ended up having a C section after pushing. You can hear my whole birth story here.

Okay let's get right onto the lists!

Things that I'm glad I brought to the hospital:

  • Egg Night Light
    This night light was something that I almost didn't even buy, and it ended up being one of the most frequently used items while I was in the hospital. We still use it now actually! It charges up so you don't have to plug it in, and you turn it on and adjust the light by tapping it so you don't have to worry about any buttons or anything. All of the nurses were asking where I got it!

  • Makeup, hair ties, toiletries
    I was happy to have some items to freshen myself up (once I was able to get out of bed), especially once visitors started arriving. It was one of the little things that helped me feel human again!

  • Pretty gown & robe
    Along those same lines, I almost didn't buy these pretty hospital items but they did wonders for my mental state when I had been in the hospital for several days and wanted to feel a little more put together.

  • Boppy
    I don't use this much now, but in the hospital it was helpful as I was getting the hang of breastfeeding and it kept the pressure off of my incision (I put it up kind of high on my belly). 

  • Nursing cover
    I didn't use this a ton, but it was really nice to have when visitors were there.

  • Arms up swaddle
    Charlie loved (and still loves) his arms up swaddles and we put him in this as much as possible - this was another item that the nurses kept commenting on. As brand new parents, we loved how easy it was to simply zip up, and he seemed super comfy in it. 

  • Nursing nightgown
    This was something else that I almost didn't buy or bring but I was so glad that I did! After a C Section, you really just want to be in comfy dress-style clothes and the nursing-style ones are perfect for easy nursing. I just picked one up from Walmart.

  • Lanolin cream
    I wasn't sure if I'd need this or not but because I ended up being in the hospital for longer than usual, my nipples were already getting pretty sore so I was happy to have it.

  • Long phone charger
    This is a must for the hospital! A regular small charger won't reach and will drive you insane.

  • Muslin swaddles
    We put Charlie in these swaddles all the time at the hospital. The hospital also provided their own blankets but these ones were larger and seemed more comfy.

Things that I wish I had brought to the hospital:

  • Depends
    It ain't pretty, but the fact of the matter is there is a LOT of blood happening after you give birth, especially if you have a long labor or a c section (I had both). My hospital provided these mesh boy short things + pads which I had heard people say that they really liked but I HATED (maybe my hospital's were different?). The pads would not stick to the mesh material so it was super annoying. I called my sister to bring some good old Depends and my life instantly improved haha. She picked up the "silhouette" style ones which, as crazy as it sounds, actually were kind of nice because they didn't feel so "diapery". It really is the little things in life! LOL

  • More arms up swaddles
    We only brought one of these and he loved it so we wish we had brought more because we couldn't have him wearing the same one for 4 days in a row.

  • More nursing nightgowns
    As I said, I loved my nursing nightgown but unfortunately I only had the one so I wish I had brought some more of those.

Things that I didn't need at the hospital:

  • Pants
    Like, any of the pants. I brought lots of different comfy pants and pajamas and wore literally none of them because when you have a c section you don't want anything rubbing up against your incision. Actually, I didn't wear any of the shirts that I brought either! Just nightgowns and hospital gowns are pretty much all that I wore.

  • As many clothes for Charlie
    In hindsight, we didn't need as many cute clothes for him and would have been fine with just the arms up swaddle and some zippable (no snaps / buttons, please) onesies. Most of the time he was in just a diaper + swaddle because we did a lot of skin-to-skin. 

  • Socks / mittens / hats / bibs for Charlie
    We didn't need or use any of the accessories that we brought for him.

  • Spray bottle (HA!)
    Okay this is a memory that will always stick to me because it was my first real belly laugh after the traumatic birth that I had. Wes and I were literally crying laughing. So prior to giving birth, I had sent Wes this list that I found on Baby Center and one of the things it says for the husband to bring is a spray bottle to mist the mom with cool water while she's having contractions. So he packed one and obviously we never ended up needing that or even thinking of it (I can't imagine if he had misted me while I was trying to push the baby out!! hahaha). But on day 5-ish of being in the hospital, Wes was digging around for something in his bag and saw that spray bottle and pulled it out and looked at me with a hilarious face and we both just lost it because of how insane my delivery had been and how unnecessary that seemed in contrast. It was probably a "had to be there" moment but it still makes me laugh thinking of it.

  • Pacifiers
    The hospital ones were just fine.

  • Regular underwear
    Just wear the depends, girl. LOL