What's In My Diaper Bag

what's in my diaper bag

Now that I've been mommin' for a couple of months, I feel like I am pretty decent at getting the diaper bag loaded up with necessities and getting out the door. I thought I would share my diaper bag and the items that I always pack for outings with Charlie.

My diaper bag

I have the Fawn Design Original, which is a backpack-style diaper bag, and it can also be carried in a messenger bag style (it has both strap options). I absolutely love this diaper bag, and had my eye on it for months before I even had Charlie. I love that it doesn't look frumpy or like a typical diaper bag with a bright pattern or something. It blends right in with my style and just looks like I'm carrying around a cute backpack, but on the inside it's packed full of pockets and has all of the storage that you need for carrying around all of baby's necessities. Wes also has a pack-style diaper bag from Fawn Design which I bought him for Father's Day so that he would have a less feminine option for his outings. He loves it as well, but it looks like they no longer have that style available on their website.

What's in my bag

So the most obvious thing that goes in a diaper bag are your diapers. We have been using Pampers diapers which were gifted to us from family and friends since he was born. He's now on size 2. We love the Pampers diapers because they have this handy little line on the front that turns blue when he needs changed which is super helpful. We plan on switching to cloth diapers soon, but we started with disposables because we already had so many that we were gifted and the cloth ones were a little too big on him at first.

Along with diapers, you need wipes! I feel like we've gone through so many wipes in the last 2 months, it's crazy. My favorite that I've tried are the Honest wipes. They're natural, have the just-right amount of moisture, and the packaging is super cute!

Hand Sanitizer
I've definitely become a lot more OCD since becoming a mom, and with Charlie still being so young, I'm super paranoid about him getting sick so I feel like I apply hand sanitizer 1000x / day. I love having a bottle of this stuff at his changing table, in my diaper bag, in his nursery...basically every room of the house haha.

Changing Pad
This portable changing pad we bought has been a must-have because there isn't always an ideal place to change your baby. If you're at someone's house, you don't want to risk getting poo on their floor or furniture, and if you're at a restaurant or something, no one wants to put their baby on that dirty restroom changing pad. So we love ours because it's made out of yoga mat material so it's waterproof, easy to wipe down, and it comes in a handy bag that's actually big enough to fit some other stuff inside if needed. 

Burp cloths
Charlie is definitely a spitter-upper like most babies, and it only takes a few times of getting spit up all over you to learn to pack some burp cloths. There are so many burp cloth options out there but I like the really simple and absorbent ones the best.

Charlie isn't really big on pacifiers but we usually give him one to go to sleep when he's getting tired and fussy, so we make sure to always keep one on hand. The Soothies are our favorite ones.

Extra onesies
Do not leave the house without a change of clothes! There are so many ways for baby's clothes to get ruined! I like to pack some simple onesies like these in case of emergencies. I also pack a pair of socks in case his little feet get cold.

Nursing cover
I am in love with the nursing cover that I chose - it has a wire band around the front so that I can still see him and so that he can get more air, which is so nice and something that I have never seen before on another cover. It also has a built-in towel material at the bottom so when you're done nursing, you have easy access to a burp cloth. It comes in a handy little bag and I always make sure to put this in my diaper bag when we go anywhere.

Swaddle blanket
Even in the summer months, a lot of places have the air conditioner on so high that he can get cold pretty easily so I always bring a swaddle blanket. These muslin ones are my favorite.

Personal items for me
I also throw my sunglasses, wallet, keys, lipstick, and anything else that I need for the day in my diaper bag. I've always got plenty of room left over because my diaper bag is so spacious and has so many pockets!

Can you think of anything that I've forgotten? Let me know your must-haves in the comments! xoxo