5 Things to do Every Morning for a More Productive Day

5 things to do every morning for a more productive day

Have you ever noticed that your morning can really set the tone for your whole day? The mornings where I oversleep, don't take the time to get ready, and kind of wing it with what I need to get done end up being completely unproductive overall. With that in mind, I've got 5 things to do each morning that I've found really help me to have a productive day. 

1. Make the bed
I can't explain it, but getting that messy bed put together and looking nice really makes me feel more energized in the morning. There's something about when your environment looks messy, you kinda feel like a mess too. But taking a few minutes to straighten out the covers, fluff up the pillows, and open the windows in my bedroom is like a breath of fresh air that gets me going when I first wake up.

2. Make yourself presentable
Next I like to "get ready" but in my case, as a work from home mom, I don't need to get dressed to the nines or anything. For me, it's more about looking decent enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed to run to the grocery store or run into the mailman outside. I have a little 5 minute makeup routine that makes me look less frightening, and then I just try to get changed out of my pajamas or sweats and into normal person clothes. As for my hair, if I have the time I'll take 5 minutes to run a curling iron through it and if not, I'll just put it in a messy bun.

3. Coffee!
Major props to those of you who don't need caffeine to get going in the morning but I am just not one of those people! I need a good cup or two to get going in the morning, and I also enjoy the ritual of making a pot of coffee; filling up the pot, scooping out the coffee grounds, picking out a mug...the whole thing just makes me feel like it's time to get going.

4. Pray & Plan
There are mornings when I don't take the time for this step and those always end up being the days that I feel scattered. Ideally, I like to take a few minutes of quiet time to say a prayer, maybe read my daily devotional which I get via email, and then make a to-do list for the day. Without prayer to help me prioritize and get centered, and a to-do list so that I know what needs done, I'll just be scrambling and barely keeping my head above water.

5. Do the most important things first
I used to always start my day with email. Since having a baby, emails go to the back of my priorities. I never realized how much of a time waster it is checking emails! If there's something important in my inbox, I'll deal with it asap but otherwise, it can wait. I've learned to tackle the most important thing first during this season of life or else it simply won't get done!