20 Freelance Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home-Moms

20 freelance business ideas for stay at home moms

I know that many of you are stay-at-home-moms, itching to get your creative energy out and start your own business, and I wanted to get you inspired thinking about some potential ideas that maybe you've never thought about before. 

The great thing about freelancing is it usually doesn't take much of an investment to get started and many freelance businesses can even be started for free!

1. Photographer
All you need is a camera and a computer with editing software. There are so many different types of photography, and it is something that is frequently needed, even in small towns.
2. Graphic Designer
You just need the Adobe suite + a computer. You can design logos, custom invitations, social media graphics for businesses, etc.
3. Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
Are your friends and family always asking you to help them get ready? start selling these services for events, photoshoots, etc.
4. Copywriter
If you're a good writer, offer your services to businesses! You can create blog posts for them to help grow their brand.
5. Wardrobe Stylist
This would be more appropriate for those of you who live in a city, but if you're great at putting outfits together, you can work as a stylist for photoshoots.
6. Web Designer
If you know how to code, work as a freelance web designer and help businesses create beautiful websites for their brand. Even if you don't know how to code, you can do web design through Squarespace or a similar platform at a lower price.
7. Social Media Manager
Businesses are often looking for help managing their social media channels. If you're savvy at social, this could be a great fit.
8. Childcare
Hey, you're already watching your child at home - why not offer to watch other local children too and make some extra money?
9. Illustration
If you're great at drawing, painting, illustrating, you can do this work on a freelance basis for businesses, bloggers, and more.
10. Calligraphy or Hand Lettering
If you have beautiful handwriting or know how to do calligraphy, you can offer your services to brides. There are so many things that need pretty handwriting on them at a wedding.
11. Interior Decorating
Are your friends and family always commenting on how beautiful your home is? Offer to decorate other people's homes for them! You could do this in person or do e-design services online.
12. Event Decorating
Along those same lines, if you're great at making an event look gorgeous, offer to help people style their events.
13. Event Planning
If you're great at organization and logistics, event planning is an in-demand type of business for weddings and other important events.
14. Virtual Assistant
Lots of entrepreneurs or solopreneurs need help with various aspects of their business that they don't have time for. You can work as an assistant for them from home!
15. Travel Consulting
If you have done a lot of traveling, and are skilled at putting together a luxurious vacation, you can help other people plan their next trip.
16. Personal Trainer
Are you super into fitness? As a mom, you could help other moms get back into shape. You could do this at your home or send them custom fitness plans.
17. Professional Organizer
If you're a little OCD about closets and pantries and using your label maker, there are so many people who would pay you to take that task off of their plates.
18. Baker / Cake Decorator
People are always looking for cute sweets for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and other events. If you're good at this type of thing, it can easily be done at home.
19. Seamstress
If you know how to sew, offer your services to people for alterations and other various sewing jobs.
20. Whatever you used to do!
If you worked a full time job before becoming a stay-at-home-mom, is there a possibility of doing that same type of work on your own from home? 

if you'd like to learn how to do any of these things of course there are lots of free resources but id also recommend checking out Skillshare which is what i use to learn new marketable skills, improve my work, etc. This link will give you 2 months for free if you'd like to check it out!