Charlie's 2 Month Update

charlie's 2 month update

Charlie is 2 months old and I thought I would record all of the new happenings with him! He's getting cuter and cuter by the day I swear - I just love him sooo much! It's funny how in the early days (for me anyway), the connection was sort of strained and I was just stressed out, exhausted, and he seemed so miserable all of the time so I felt like maybe there was something wrong with me, like I was missing that motherly gene or something. But for me, the connection was not this instantaneous moment when he was first born like it is for some people - it has just grown and grown with time. Part of that could be because of the crazy birth that I had and because I was unconscious for it! haha But now I'm basically obsessed with him and I give him about a million kisses per day and I just love watching him grow and change and become more and more aware. 

Here's what's new with Charlie this month:

  • He weighs 14 pounds and is wearing size 3 month clothes for the most part. I can't believe he's already grown out of his newborn and most of his 0-3 month clothes!
  • He has started really being able to focus on things, and especially loves looking at our faces. He also smiles a LOT now which is soooo much fun! I can't get enough of his little smiles. He also loves patterns and colorful things like the paint by number painting that hangs above his crib. I put him in his crib in the mornings while I'm brushing my teeth and getting ready, and he just loves staring at it. I even will carry him into the nursery to look at it when he's crying sometimes because it calms him down. Something else that he really likes is looking in the mirror but I would too if I was that cute! :) 
  • He does this really cute thing where he will fold his arms while he's eating and when we give him a pacifier. His little arm rolls all folded together are just beyond adorable to me - so mannerly!
  • Pain from breastfeeding has significantly improved to the point where I have almost none, whereas before I would wince and grit my teeth every time he latched on. I even exclusively pumped or used a nipple shield for a while when the pain was really bad before. That has been so nice not having to dread feeding him because I'm not in pain! I guess for some women the pain stops after just a week or 2 but for me it lasted about 6-7 weeks.
  • His gassiness that I mentioned in his one month update is still going on, but we've finally figured out the problem: I have an overactive letdown! Basically the milk comes at him too fast, causing him to gulp a bunch of air and even choking him sometimes. This has been happening for a long time now but being a first time mom, I didn't know what was normal. It is extremely frustrating because there is nothing I can do to control it and it breaks my heart to see him coughing and gasping for air! To help this problem, I've learned to feed him until the letdown happens, take him off, and let the milk go into a towel and then put him back on. This works fairly well but is obviously not ideal for trying to breastfeed in public so we've been spending a lot of time at home or I will pump a bottle and bring it with us. It seems like he's mostly gassy in the mornings and evenings for some reason, and some of that may just be normal fussiness for his age. He is also still taking Zantac for reflux, although I'm not sure that he even has reflux anymore. The Dr. said that the side effects / risks of taking it are slim to none so there's no harm in continuing taking it. 
  • I've just started putting him on a schedule / a more strict routine. I have been wanting to get him on a schedule but most articles and such say to wait until he's 6-8 weeks so now that he's 6 weeks old, I feel good about getting him started on a schedule. Basically I follow the schedule that is covered in a book that I got while I was pregnant called The Natural Baby Sleep Solution. It isn't really as much of a schedule as it is a routine - you just try putting the baby back to sleep after they've been awake for 90 minutes. This keeps them from getting overly tired and is supposed to help them sleep better through the night because most babies are very easily overstimulated and overtired (more on that below). I'm also going to try to be more consistent in general with routines especially before bed. We're going to try to give him a bath, put on his lotion, and read him a book every single night so that he gets into sleepy mode. I will let you know how it goes! Fingers crossed because this mama could use some sleep! LOL
  • In addition to the schedule / routine, I've also been getting a lot more strict about preventing overstimulation these the last few days. I used to just keep the TV on all day for background noise but I've noticed that he has found the TV and will fixate on it now when it's on. I definitely don't want him to get in the habit of watching screens at 2 months old! Not only that but I really want to set the foundation for him to play independently as he gets older so I try not to "entertain" him all the time either. During his awake time I will put him near the window to look outside or put him on his playmat or in his swing, but I try to avoid stimulating stuff like lights and bright toys right in his face. It's so tempting to buy those types of toys because I know that it would keep him entertained really well in the short term but I really want to help him in the long term so I'm trying to be patient. I read a lot of Janet Lansbury's work on this topic while I was pregnant and she insists that infants cannot get bored even though we, as adults, would be so I'm trusting in that, because helping him to be able to focus and play independently is really important to me. 
  • His sleep has been...about what you'd expect for a newborn. He wakes up every few hours to eat. We had one night a few weeks ago where he slept for 6 hours straight but it must have just been a fluke because it was just the one night. I'm really hoping that being more scheduled and consistent will help with him sleeping longer stretches. 
  • As of lately, we've been having trouble figuring out what to put him in to sleep. We've alternated between the bedside bassinet, the dock-a-tot in our bed, and the rock n play. There are positives and negatives to all of them. I think moving forward, for the sake of consistency, I'm going to try to keep him in the rock n play for naps as well as night time. The only thing about that is it's hard for me to lift him in and out of that in the middle of the night when I'm really tired - and he's getting heavier and heavier! haha
  • He still is not playing with toys yet or able to really reach out and grab things, but if you put something in his hand (like a finger or my hair!) he will grab it tightly. He also enjoys being read to much more than he did before because he notices and focuses on the illustrations.
  • He has his 2 month Dr. appointment soon and he will be getting his shots which I am dreading but I know it's necessary. I'm just praying that it goes as well as it can!

It seems like as time goes by he gets more and more content and happy which is really encouraging as a new mom! A big milestone for me has been 3 months because there are so many things that are supposed to improve at that time, like gassiness and colicky symptoms. So, I'm excited to see where we are for the next update. :)