Some Personal Goals for 2016

some personal goals for 2016

I've been making tons of career goals for the new year, but I haven't really thought much about my personal goals (who has the time!?). These are 4 things that I really hope to work on this year, personally.

1. Improve My Photography Skills

I have a DSLR, but I really don't get much use of it because I haven't taken the time to really learn what I'm doing. I would love to learn to take photos like the one above (which is a stock image): light, bright, happy. I'm going to try to take the time to enroll in some photography Skillshare courses and other eCourses to see if I can improve. I feel like photography is one of those skills that you'll never regret learning. I would love to have beautiful photos for this blog, and for documenting my personal life & family as well.

2. Clear Up My Skin (Through Diet)

Since I got off of the birth control pill a few years ago, my skin has really gotten bad. Proactiv+ worked for me for a little while but then the effects wore off. I think that the problem must be coming from within so I've been trying to focus on eating an anti-inflammatory diet to hopefully treat the source of my skin problems. I've also almost completely eliminated sugar from my diet over the last week, and I'm already seeing an improvement.

3. Decorate & Organize My Home

This is something I'm always sort of working on, but I would like to be more intentional about it, and make the time to create a happy living space. Lately I just haven't had the time and when I do have a little break, I find myself just exhausted on the couch in front of the TV. Hopefully this year I will be able to do some DIY projects and decorating.

4. Post More Life Updates

I hope to take the time to share more of what's going on in life here on this blog. The original reason that I fell in love with blogging is because I just enjoy writing, and I like to document my life (I can never stick to a physical book-style journal). Hopefully I will make the time to post these types of updates. I think it will be so nice to look back on someday.