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Does any of the following sound familiar:

"I know that I have a great product, but no one is finding it."

"I barely have enough money to keep my business afloat, let alone to spend a bunch of money on advertising."

"I know that social media marketing is important, but I have no idea how to get started, or which networks would be best for my business."

"I want a professional looking brand, but I don't know the first thing about creating one, and I don't have the money to hire a designer."

I know how it feels to put your heart and soul into your business, but not see the payoff.

In addition to growing my own online shop from the ground up, I have consulted with a number of Etsy shop owners who all encountered the same problem: great product, but no traffic.

With this 20 letter-sized page text-based (fluff-free!) eBook, you will learn budget-friendly ways to:

- Create a strong brand presence
- Utilize social media marketing
- Work with tastemakers and bloggers in your industry
- Gain more traffic to your shop without spamming people
- Grow a community around your brand

This eBook also includes helpful brainstorming exercises and lists to help you to jumpstart your way into the world of marketing.

I learned the hard way how to get the word out about my business when money was tight, and now I want to share those tips and tricks with you!

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Good book, helps me understand why I need profiles in social sites for my etsy shop. Thank you!
— Laila